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Can We Talk Cards

Build Connection through conversation


Do you wish you knew what to say when you meet new people?

would you like to take the guesswork out of small talk?

are you on the hunt for fun ice breaker activities?

These Q&A cards are a simple way to have thoughtful conversations with the people around you!

Can We Talk Cards

Everyone Edition

EXCELLENT FOR INTROVERTS. Preserve your energy at events and gatherings by asking thoughtful questions.

AWESOME FOR EXTROVERTS. Become a better listener by asking questions to talk less and show your interest in other people.

PERFECT ICE-BREAKER ACTIVITY. Take on the go for professional events, workshops, social gatherings, road trips, workshops, training, and more!

GREAT FOR PROFESSIONALS. Coaches, therapists, teachers, speakers, executives, and anyone else looking to build connection through conversation.

Can We Talk Cards

Couples Edition

PUT YOUR PHONES DOWN. Pick up a deck of cards instead, look each other in the eye, and actually talk to each other, great date night activity.

GIFTS FOR COUPLES. This deck of conversation starters make a perfect last-minute bridal shower gift, wedding gift, or anniversary gift.

TALK ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. This deck includes specific questions to help you to discuss the past, present, and future state of your union; so you can grow together instead of apart.

MARRIAGE COUNSELING. If you’re in couples therapy and want an activity to practice listening and communication skills between sessions, this deck is perfect for that.

Can We Talk Cards

Kids Edition

GET THEM TO OPEN UP. Communicating with children isn’t always easy; Use these cards as a fun and simple conversation starter.

REDUCE SCREEN TIME. Turn the tablets, televisions, and phones off, and start meaningful conversations with the children in in your life.

QUALITY TIME. A great way to interact during mealtimes, road trips, at the end of a busy day, or quiet nights at home.

WRITING PROMPTS. Develop their written communication skills by using the cards as journal or writing prompts.

Can We Talk Cards

Colleagues Edition

TEAM MEETINGS. Start your team, staff, or one on one meetings in a fresh way.

NETWORKING EVENTS. Take the guesswork out of small talk when you meet new people with a deck of cards.

ICE-BREAKER ACTIVITY FOR WORK. Use the questions as an ice breaker at the start of workshops and training.

OFFICE PARTIES. Have a little fun for once at the company office party and strike up some interesting dialogue with this deck; they also make great gifts for your co-workers.

Fun and convenient, the Can We Talk Cards are perfect for any social setting or gathering!

Take yours with you to…

Networking Events

Staff Meetings

Date Night

Brunch With Friends

Road Trips

Classes or Workshops 

knowing what to say just got easier

Can We Talk Cards make the jobs of coaches, therapists, teachers, speakers, parents, couples, managers, executives, and team leaders so much easier! They’re helpful, handy, and make excellent gifts.

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